Galinette has arrived at the Breuil’s breed

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Galinette has arrived at the Breuil’s breed

From May 20 to May 28, Urielle, under an overwhelming heat, was able to meet its public at the Salon de l’Agriculture of New Aquitaine-Bordeaux.

She was photographed from every angle, and had the honor of meeting the Mayor of Bordeaux Mr. Alain Juppé.

Bordelais did not knew the breed and were very surprised and very happy to meet a representative of the Poitou donkey. Christine was able to raise awareness about the breed, on the stand of SABAUD with the president of the association, Dr. Martin.

Also present were a mulassière mare and a poitevine mule, a triptych of complete Poitou.

Urielle, exhausted by her ten days of nonstop, joined Breuil and the rest of the herd with great satisfaction to spend a summer much more in  her expectations.

Urielle is the mother of Cybele du Breuil, who went to England, and Giotto du Breuil, who went to Brittany.

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