Breeder’s background

Christine SambussyA passionate horse woman, Christine Sambussy became interested in ‘the Baudet’ donkey through a breeder friend.
She has now been breeding “the Poitou” donkey for twenty years.

She began with “not pure blood” or “B-book” donkeys which she bred with passion. However, since 1999, only “pure blood” or “A-book” donkeys are bred in du Breuil.

Her goal is to get back to the original ancestry, to try and improve breeds and the descendents of the Poitou donkey.

Christine and UlotteChristine Sambussy has involved herself in safeguarding the Baudet donkey.
In addition to her breeding work she is :



Christine and Ora du BreuilThe donkeys are used to see the four family’s dogs walking aroud : the yorkshire terrier, the german sheperd, the German Shorthaired Pointer and the sight hound.