Photo gallery elevage du breuil

Photo gallery

First steps
Boheme du Breuil
Boheme du Breuil French Champion 2014 "3 years old female catégory"
Herd Tea time
Indian file
Kitty and her twins
Outside meal
Aïnou, Corto et Tilleul
First big guy meals ... protected from the adultes
Non decided donkey
Nap time
Umour du Breuil eating nuts ... in the basket
Snow and games
Corto looking after the donkeys
Mares "mulassieres" and their foals
Training "Walk in hand"
Calin du Breuil - head's detail
Snow and game - 2
Early summer morning
Corto et Ibéris
Mutuals scratching
Konik et Jean Luc Duguy
Rita du Breuil and Bohème du Breuil
Mares with foals
Breuil's herd - springtime
Breeders at contest
Ora du Breuil with foal
Contest of Horse mares with foals
Group's nap
First steps - 2
Waiting at contest
The herd - 2
New born
Spring festin
Ulotte du Breuil and Tyra
Waiting during the presentation
Winter and the herd - 2
Hidden in the grass
Urielle and Giotto - august 2016. The ears are getting straight.
Stallion and female - Tyra and Calin 2016