Les Baudets du Breuil baudets du poitou

Poitou donkeys

Due to breeder’s very hard work, the Poitou donkey is a breed close to be saved. He is a very ancient breed and a very endearing donkey. Intelligent, close to his owner, he should be better reconized.

The Baudets du Breuil

By mixing ancient traditions with the most modern technics, the “Baudets du Breuil breed” only raise pure blood – A book since 20 years.

Les Baudets du Breuil monte au naturel

Natural intercourse

Calin du Breuil, our stallion is having intercourse in the natural way

Les Baudets du Breuil approuve deboure

Approved stallions and saddle

Most of males live the Breuil approved and saddle 3 years old stallions.

Les Baudets du Breuil recherche genetique

Looking for genetic

We are looking for french low common lines even abroad.

For sale

The Baudet du Breuil Breed only sale Pure Blood – A book donkeys. Every years, one to four foals are borned and raised at the Breuil. Please contact us for former informations.