Report of the Sabaud General Assembly – February 2017

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Report of the Sabaud General Assembly

The SABAUD General Assembly was held in February 2017. Here is a short report in 2 points: state of the herd, technical report. The financial report is requested from the SABAUD secretariat.

1 – Herd

The herd of SABAUD is composed of 25 individuals including 7 BDP  approved stallions currently in service and  available to the breeders:

  • Accrédité du Genet
  • Apolo du Genet
  • Biloup du Genet
  • Arc en Ciel du Genet
  • Django du Genet
  • Eros du Genet
  • Robin du Genet

Eliot du Genet was not approved because he was too young. He will be represented in August 2017. Roccembole of Genet, Basil of Genet and Capitol of Genet are castrated males and are either at the house of the Horse of Coulon, or working at collecting waste on the beaches  of Vendée.

The last four individuals are young, 3 males and a female of the year 2016.

The herd of adult females (in reproductive status) is made up of 8 females that are found in custodians.


2- Technical report

The study on freezing Baudet du Poitou’s sperm  is resumed.

But it is possible that for technical reasons, because the BDP seed is difficult to freeze, the laboratory can turn to another breed of donkey.


3- Financial report

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