News of Kipling du Breuil – USA

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News of Kipling du Breuil -USA

Here they are  some news of Kipling du Breuil. Bari Fischer, from Arnold Rescue Center in Brownington, Vermont, USA says:

“Kipling is doing magnificently and is loved by all the other animals and everybody who sees him. He seems to be adapting beautifully. As I mentioned he is very cautious until he understands what is happening. This shows me how smart he is that he won’t just rush and do some thing. Please let Christina know how thrilled we are and all the incredible comments that we’ve had about him and what a beautiful animal he is.
I hope you enjoy the photos. Our weather has not been the best so I have not taken as many photos.
Thank you both for making this possible!
Best wishes and huge appreciation to you both,”

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