Bohème du Breuil

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Bohème du Breuil

Born on July 17, 2011 at the  Breuil.

Pure blood A book registered.

Beautiful female, very nice tempered, gentle and sweet.

Bohème du Breuil is two time  French champion

  • 2014: 3 years old female category.
  • 2022: More than 3 years old with foal

Bohème du Breuil’s father is  Incrédule by Bienvenu and Boop, and her mother is  Rita du Breuil by Joli Coeur and Ibéris de l’Etoile.

Very old ancestry.

Mating season 2021: Boheme du Breuil was pregnant with Diego de Luynes.  Malicorne du Breuil is born on the 2022/06/17.


2022Dampierre sur BoutonneAnesse suitée1rst
2022MelleAnesse suitée2nd
2015BlanzayAnesse non suitée1ere
2014NationalAnesse de 3 ans1ere
2014BlanzayAnesse de 3 ans1ere