Rita du Breuil

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Rita du Breuil

Born on the 23 march on 2006 at the Breuil.

Pure blood A-book registred.

Beautifull female, sweet and kind tempered.

Rita du Breuil’s father is Joli Coeur by Dagobert and Vanille and Rita du Breuil’s mother is Ibéris de l’ Etoile by Regain and Bryone

Rita du Breuil is Bohème du Breuil’s mother.

Rita du Breuil joint the german breed “Arche Alfsee”, in a patnership.

She died in Germany.


2008NationalAnesse de 3 ans3eme
2008MelleAnesse de 3 ans2eme
2007MelleAnesse de 2 ans1ere
2006MelleAnesse d’1 an2eme