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2016 Contests

For over 14 years adherent of SABAUD,  and after many years of membership and investment as representative of SABAUD within the National Association of mules of Poitou Races (formerly UPRA ), Christine Sambussy daes not reconnize the current values ​​and positions taken by the National Association of mules breeds of Poitou anymore.

Therefore, Christine Sambussy withdraws its volunteer job of Poitou donkeys contests’ judge  .

Similarly, the Baudets du Breuil’s breed will not participate in competitions organized by the NAMR .

Christine is still treasurer SABAUD and will continue to represent SABAUD  at the Studbook of the Poitou donkey .

If you were hopping to meet Christine during this contests, do not hesitate to contact us to ask for advises, for informations, to meet Christine and why not visit the breed.

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