2016 Witzenhaufen’s contest – Germany

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2016 Witzenhaufen’s contest


Witzenhaufen’s 2016 contest, October 16 Sunday – Germany.
Under the french “patronage”, an approuval contest took place.
4 males donkeys try to pass but only 2 were approved :

  • Nico: Tierpark’s donkey, Berlin’s zoo.
    German origins.
  • Cheri de Wulf: Lune du Breuil and only approved alife son of Idéal.  1,42m.

Charles: Dartagnan’s half brother – DeGaulle’s son . Aged of 4, he miss the aproval for 1 cm hight.

To add, Freya’s mother, Vulcaïne is 2nd in the “more than 3 and without a foal” category, ex aequo with Quefrene de la Baie.

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