Hélios du Breuil

 In Descendants, Stallion

Hélios du Breuil

Born the 2017 april 24 .

Pure A book registered.

Hélios du Breuil is Calin du Breuil’s son (by Calin and Hulotte) and his mother is “Tyra” also Tagada du Genet by Idole and Modeste. He came from very old ancestries.

Mensurements in 2019:

  • fathom: 1.43 m
  • “canon”: 22 cm

Mensurements in 2020:

  • fathom: 1.45 m
  • “canon”: 23 cm

Helios is A book pure blood registered stallion

“Intercourses” season  2020:

  • 7 mares ( 5 pregnants the first mating)
  • et 4 female donkeys.

Hélios du Breuil has be trained, he can carry a carriage.