Calin du Breuil

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Calin du Breuil

Born on the  18 june of 2012.

Pure blood A-Book registred.

Calin du Breuil’s father is Calin by Sans Gène du Bourg and Myrtille and Calin du Breuil’s mother is Hulotte by Dreffus and Quirielle.

Melle’s contest 2013: 2nd in Male.

Registred stallion, approved in february 2015 by the french “Haras Nationaux”.

Mensurements in 2015:

  • fathom: 1.43 m
  • “canon”: 22 cm

“Intercourses” season  2015:

3/3 females pregnants

Natural Intercourses

Since 2015, the Breuil’s breed is practising natural “intercourses”. That means that both donkey (including our stallion and the interested female) are free in a field. That also means that they manage themselves withou any human actions, we let nature be.

If your are interested, healf/sanitary conditions has to be filled by your female. Please contact us for further informations.


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