Calin du Breuil

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Calin du Breuil

Born on the 2012 june,  18 at the Breuil, pure blood A book registered.

Calin du Breuil’s father is Calin by Sans Gène du Bourg and Myrtille and his mother is Hulotte by Dreffus and Quirielle.

2013 Melle contest 2013: 2nd

Registered stallion, approved in february 2015.

Mating season 2021:


  • Toise: 1.46 m
  • Canon: 24 cm

Calin du Breuil descendants :

Natural Breeding

The breeding of Breuil has been practicing natural breeding since 2015. That means that we let our stallion run free in a field with the female donkey and the mating takes place without human intervention.

If you are interested, certain health conditions must be fulfilled by your female donkey.

Please contact us for more information.


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