Ora du Breuil

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Ora du Breuil

Bron on the 30 may of 2002.

Pure blood A-Book registred.

Ora du Breuil’s father is Joli Coeur by Dagobert and Vanille and Ora du Breuil’s mother is Egée by Obéron and Auréole.

Beautiful female with tempered, came from a very old ancestry.

First pride of the breed : 2nd female pure blood A-Book registred born at the Breuil.

Ora du Breuil was French champion in “more than 3 years old catégory” in 2006.

Ora du Breuil is now retired at the Breuil.


2009MelleAnnesse de + de 3 ans2eme15/20
2008NationalAnnesse suitée5eme
2008MelleAnnesse suitée2eme
2007MelleAnnesse suitée1ere
2006NationalAnesse de + de 3 ans1ere