In Descendants


Born the 2020 May 10th.

A book pure blood registered.

Kaporal’s father is Eros du Genet by Stef de Sanssoucis (by Joli Coeur and Noisette 2) and Tyra (by Modeste and Idole). His mother is Freya by Nepomuk (by Jacques et Babette) and Vulcaïne (by Golan du Guyon and Marmotte).

Kaporal was raised at the Breuil until he was 7 months old.

Kaporal is the 2021 french 1 year old male champion.

At the St Jean de Liversay (17) competition, Saturday June 12, 2022, Kaporal was measured at 1.38m and 23 cm canon.


2022St Jean de Liversay (17)2 year old male80,5