Helios du Breuil on National contest

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Helios du Breuil on National Contest

Helios du Breuil took part in the National Dampierre sur Boutonne competition at the end of the summer.

It was rated 73.5 / 100.

He also took part in the working competition but at this point we do not have the results yet.

Born  April 24,  2017, A book registred, Hélios du Breuil is Calin du Breuil ‘s son and de Tyra ( Tagada du Genet).

In 2020, he is 3 years old. He mesures 1,45 m and is 23 cm of “canon”.

Helios is a registre stallion, officially approved for breeding in august 2019. Currently at a dispository, Helios has bred this year  female donkeys  and mares. He has a success rate of 85% on the 3rd heat for 14 females.

Helios can worked and can be harnessed.

Helios du Breuil will be on sale in early september.


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